Shingo Prize and our Shingo Heritage

The Shingo Prize was created twenty-five years ago, at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business of Utah State University as a way to recognise great organisations and to set a standard toward which the world may aspire. The Shingo Prize being awarded to Prof. Peter HinesIt is now globally recognised as the benchmark for Enterprise Excellence. During this journey, the Shingo Institute has experienced and learned many valuable and powerful things. This has given them a greater understanding of what is required for organisations to achieve lasting, sustainable results. This knowledge has been captured in the Shingo Model. In 2013 the Shingo Institute formed a collaborative partnership with S A Partners to bring this knowledge to a wider global audience. Since then, S A Partners has been helping to update and improve Shingo related courses and the consulting support activities offered to organisations. This support work has involved Professor Peter Hines and Gary Griffiths of S A Partners who are part of a very small global community who are Senior Faculty of the Shingo Institute.

The Shingo Prize

The Shingo Prize is awarded to organisations that demonstrate a culture where the principles of Performance Excellence are deeply embedded into the thinking and behaviour of all leaders, managers, and associates. Performance is measured both in terms of business results and the degree to which business, management, and work systems are driving appropriate and ideal behaviour at all levels. Leadership is beginning to focus on ensuring that principles of Performance Excellence are deeply imbedded into the culture and regularly assessed for improvement. The Shingo Model is based around 10 Guiding Principles which align the Systems within an organisation and the specific Tools required to produce results.

Shingo Training

S A Partners are proud to be able to offer Shingo training both as the Discover Excellence Workshop, and the more advanced Enterprise Excellence Master Class, both as open and in-house courses. Why not download the Shingo Discover Excellence or Enterprise Excellence Master Class flyers.

Want to learn what the Shingo Prize is all about? Want to embed Shingo principles into your organisation?

Then register for the Shingo Discover Excellence Workshops in Europe or Australia:

This Shingo training programme is a 2 day workshop which includes visiting a leading host facility, where you will learn and gain experience in aligning your organisational principles and core values with your systems. Group activities are used to help develop skills in assessing alignment and also how to address misalignments by embedding your principles into your work and management systems.

At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Describe the benefits of focusing on Shingo principles
  • Articulate principle-driven behaviour
  • Identify how tools link to systems
  • See and assess behaviour to provide constructive-feedback
  • Explore what adjustments could be made to improve systems in driving ideal behaviour

To develop you own internal capability to challenge for a Shingo Prize and embed the Shingo approach register for the Enterprise Excellence Master Class.

This Enterprise Excellence Master Class is an 8 day highly practical workshop programme at 4 rotating host facilities. It is led by double Shingo Prize winner, Professor Peter Hines. The course is designed for those who are looking to apply the Shingo approach to their organization and want to progress beyond the introductory level course. The focus is on really understanding the basics, being able to create Principle-based Ideal Behaviours and then apply these in key Core Systems.

enterprise excellence masterclass

At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Develop their own site-based Shingo journey
  • Create a set of Principle-based Ideal Behaviours to shape their own Enterprise Excellence
  • Link these Ideal Behaviours to a set of appropriate Enabling Systems in their business
  • Shape the development of a full set of Systems and Tools relevant to their business
  • Network with a group of liked-minded Masters

See when the next Discover Excellence Workshop and Enterprise Excellence Master Class  is being run and how to book. To find out more about running an in-house Discover course contact: Professor Peter Hines at

image of the Shingo Discover Excellence model and principles

Download The Shingo Model Handbook

Consultancy Support

It is our experience that most organisations wishing to adopt the Shingo Model in their journey to Performance Excellence require some support in terms of:

  • Understanding the Shingo Model
  • Developing a Roadmap to adopt the Shingo Model
  • Coaching the Leadership team
  • Implementing the Roadmap
  • How to challenge for the Shingo Prize

To find how we can help, or if you would like a Shingo Assessment carried out, please contact: Professor Peter Hines.

To develop you own internal capability to challenge for a Shingo Prize and embed the Shingo approach, use the contact form provided.

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